Animal Lite

1. Mr Kate Horn Necklace | 2. Balenciaga leather gloves | 3. Topshop camel sweater | 4. Koral Jeans | 5. D&G Animalier Eyeshadows | 6. Jil Sander Patent bag | 7. Guess watch | 8. Valentino ballerinas

Animal print will be big for the next season. You can either work it head-to-toe or clash it relentlessly with other prints. I myself will be going for the Lite version by mixing it with easy 90s basics and a touch of luxe.

 How will you wear your animals for the next season?


Just Smile

Magdalena Jasek in “Just Smile” by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Italia, August 2014

First I like to apologize for being such a moody cow on this blog. I have been in a blog-rut and my inner teenager has been rebelling against anything that's fashionable right now.

Ok, not everything because I've had an intense monochrome crave in everything fashion. There are periods when certain type of colours or clothes feel more fitting to your mood: I didn't feel like the bird in Paradise so I'd wear something more muted in black or white.

Right now I am adding more colour to my wardrobe again: like a coloured shoe or a zesty blouse. Natalie Jools says that she loves her bright clothes, but for dates she has a certain set of a black dress & black shoes: because men like simplicity and good forms.
Jools Non-date ensemble
I'd be in 'complicated' fashion too if I had her type of legs. 

Have a wonderfully monochrome, unicoloured or multicoloured weekend!


St. Nicholas

These have been the shoes I couldn't get of my mind...

I think lots of fashiongirls know what I'm saying. We pinterest shoes and forget about some, and some are just too good to forget.

I basically fell in love with the mix of convenience and quirkiness. As seen in my last post, there are a variety of pointed flats going on this fall. These had the mix of matte leather in white: so sumptious! I've been struck with the white-bug and matte seems like a more luxurious idea than a glossy white. Then that heel! I couldn't get over that heel. Also, the promise of subtle leather: How unpractical are flats in stiff leather? Enough to keep on searching.

Also, this spring I had a good use of some older, cream-coloured Topshop brogues: I figured these would be perfect for mid-summer & autumn. Perhaps even winter, if I keep them crispy white enough.