I've heard it through the Grapevine

I still had this promise of posting something, so there you go. This blog is for expressing my travel-lust so I think it's a part of liking to share as well.

And for the other small-town girls around, it is sometimes lonely when nobody recognizes your wonderful clothes. Mayby you guys will :). In my case I wore this Equipment dress, My Chloe mini Marcie, Greek-Sandals gladiators and my Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses.

I went to the South of France after two years and I stuck to the coast this time. This whimsical little grapevine vineyard has been the producer of a more elite wine being served at haute classe L'Orangerie at the St. Tropez coast: Chateau de Pamplonne.

Ramatuelle, the St. Tropez beach, was more casual than I expected. I'm slightly spoiled, though. I went to a couple of beach-etablissements, like the infamous Club 55: can you believe they charge you similar price on a seat at the front of the beach than Holland??? But Holland is weirdly expensive on it's space: try parking in Amsterdam under €5 for under an hour.  I'll write more on that soon enough :)


Long Time...

I just want to say I miss blogging...over here.

I always have been a rebel type so the blog has been a tool to express myself. When I started blogging over here, I found that most girls on fashionblogs were as perfect as models, or close to it. By showing myself in my imperfect state I wanted to set myself between them. Honestly, I never expected people to find me, and at a certain moment to be slightly popular as well!

How much I loved to be in this online community of fashionbloggers for a while...I also started to get more insecure. I was not the youngest one, nor the best in makeup, photoshop (what if..) or the thinnest one. At a certain point, I noticed that my blogposts started to get a complaining, negative tone. What the Flogger, right? That was not how I started out and neither how I wanted to have my blog.

I'm getting to terms with my insecurities again. People commented mostly positive reactions in the first place so I guess some of you like(d) me. In a way I hoped my online presence helped other people coming forward expressing and showing themselves, even if they do not fit the mold of #flawless and #perfect.

I'd still like to fashionblog again, with pictures. I always thought it was difficult to do, autocamera and all, but I loved the creativity and the madness of it. Also, the result of portraying different emotions that are not always the most pretty, but sometimes funny or intense. Like life can be: not always pretty or flawless, but a intense feeling of emotions or the occasional lull of being bored.

I hope to 'see' you guys some more in the future ♥


Got Mitt?

I think someone asked Lady Gaga for a mint instead, but with the commotion around 50 Shades of Grey someone had to put on the gloves and catch all the hotness on the red carpet. I'm quite sure they would not have been cookies in the Celebrity world of raw food, but how I love Lady Gaga for messing with a perfect Alaïa.