I was already a snob: Edith just highlights it!

Chloë released her Edith Bag in 2006:

I was so blessed to get her with a discount on net-a-porter in 2007. I think I paid 620 for her.

I left her in the closet for a couple of years, only to come out during business meetings.

The 70s have returned in fashion and she makes the perfect partner for a sturdy, but still snobby bag. I really like my Edith...

Still, lots of people these days don't recognize a Chloë Edith: they are more about recognizing the obvious & contemporary, eg a Mulberry Alexa. The people who dó recognize my Chloë have been afficiodados since 2006, so there are often not the fakies in between that just like to have a designer bag for posing...

I hope to make better pictures of her soon ♥

(ps: I'm not a snob, actually, or not really in that sense that I need money or designer bags to feel like that. I'm just a bit shy which can make me seem aloof)

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