Travel talk: the Mediterranean I #opinion

I almost want to say that I adore the countries around the Mediterrenean, but I cannot make that conclusion because I have never been to Portugal.

Moreover, I have been to Italy twice, and I haven't fallen in love with it like I did with Spain. Neither did Italy enchant me like Marrakech did. Nor was it as foreign and beach-like as Greece or even Turkey. So one of the few exceptions of my infatuation with Meditteranean countries, until now, is Italy.

I have to say I haven't seen too much of Italy, only Rome and Milan. Rome was wonderful in the summer, but too cold in autumn. Still, it lacked the quality that cities like Athens or Barcelona or Madrid do.

Personally, I have never connected to Italian life as other do. Spagettis leave me neutral and I consider pizzas to be weird fillers on the stomach, that often cause me disconfort. This coming for a girl who has eaten a fried bat from a marketstall in Thailand, you can say I am used to a lot of experimental eating and my dear stomach can handle a lot of spices. So in the culinary form I have never felt attracted to Italy.

The men in Rome were unimpressive: I've never felt too enchanted by Italian sleekness. In Milan there was an international crowd with fashion-forward people that were often model-perfect, but I cannot verify if the handsome crowds were Italian from a mere gaze nor if they would have inner handsomeness that makes a person really attractive.

I also find a country ruled and voted for someone like Berlusconi doesn't get the benefit of my doubt. Somehow, I would like to revisit Italy from another view that would make me warm up to its people, but my encounters until now have never been love on first sight.

Perhaps there are countries that suit a person and countries that are not completely matches, and perhaps Italy might not be my country-match.

Have you ever felt not-so-enthousiastic about a country or place that other people find 'the place to be'?

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