Henry Holland on a budget

I ♥ the contrast between the fluffy zebra and his unfluffy surroundings
Henry Holland has been a designer that captured my eye in 2007.

It was It-model Agyness Deyn and her refreshingly cute boyish style that wore his designs a lot. Actually, they are the best of friends and they helped each other throughout their careers, Agyness modelling and wearing his designs when he was upcoming and he giving Agyness the opportunity to model his clothes when she was fresh on the scene.

He made really funny t-shirts with texts like: "I'll show who'se boss, Kate Moss", "Wham, Bamm, thank you Stam" (refering to Jessica Stam) . I bought the first one when studying in Liverpool in 2007, but not in Liverpool but the Harvey Nichols in Manchester.

My second t-shirt was from their MAC collaboration. Sorry for this slouchy picture, but the damn thing got a lot of wear since 2007. It even went tropical as a 'anti sunburn tshirt' in the lovely ocean:

He's a designer, so he's expensive, right?

But the good thing about British designers is that they love to collaborate with highstreet brands and come with a budget version for the lesser $ among us (or the rich cheapskates).  This sweater was only ₤ 38.

Similar with Henry: he teamed up with Debenhams and has it's H by Henry Holland line. Not all of the clothes from this line look remotely designer, but this one has some quality over itself that looks expensive enough: look at the sweetly furry zebra and the non-furry brown of the rest of the sweater.

Henry likes details, so he continued the backside of the zebra on...guess where...the back of the sweater. It reminds me of the sweaters my mum used the knit me.

And to show you how adorable and imperfect Henry Holland is (a bit wonky teeth but good hair), I included a video after he finished his S/S 2012 London Fashion Week.

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