Excessive nonsense product I would not mind having...

The purple Givenchy Obsedia Clutch


Most fashion is excessive and non-mandetory.

No, you really don't need that pair of jeans with thát specific label upon it, but let's face it, we like to impress others of make others feel slightly inferior to our brilliant taste. Of excessive fashionisms, I place this clutch really high on the list. On 'sale' from £885.00 for 'only' £689.00, I wouldn't dare to think about the costs per use. If I were the high-scale, uptown fashionista, I would probably only use it 3 time maximum in order to avoid the "is she wearing that same old clutch again" stares. That would mean it would cost you about £214 per wear, or 250 euro.

Let's face it that it would have to be a darn good party to make this worthy (and now we're only talking about the clutch, because you might not go in your H&M to that same party, or you mighta, because everyone would be too dazed about your gorgeous Givenchy clutch). But there it is: It's Givenchy, it's decadently in a deep hue of purple and it has thát clasp on it.

I wouldn't, but if you like excessive display of brands I know a girl who really likes to work her brands a lot: Jaqueline from Fashionsnag.

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