The Elfin

It's yellow, it's mellow and it's tight...so what is it?

It's my FAB  new purchase and I don't even look fat/chubby in it...

Ok, after my recent Proenza-mishap I reasoned I had some money left (huh?) for a new purchase. So this time I knew I needed something pastel coloured for the SS 2012 season.

Well, I got the girly reasoning going on that pastel-legs isn't really skinnifying, but I took the plunge anyway. My style-inspiration came from the incredibly gorgeous Flavya from fashioncoolture.com/br. I really seem dig the style and the aesthetics of Brazilian women:

The only thing about Current/Elliot's is that you have to get them really tight in order to have a perfect fit after a couple of moments. I can drop 3 sizes compared with a European Pepe jeans.
Now I need to work the look in the classic way that Flavya did above. It is good to know you can wear these in a colourful, quirky way with a funny hat, or go classic and sleekly Brazilian with a sharp clutch, cuffs and some killer heels

They are still on sale at mywardrobe.com for 80 euro and if you look good you can even get 10% off the sale with a discount. (I think SALE10 still works)

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