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When the December parties are over, the credit card has been maxed out to whatever could be maxed, and the weather is drearier than ever, then you know it's early January.

So let's do some random talk about things...Actually, it's about sex but probably not the kind you're gonna like...sorry so click away if you're opposed to some female-friendly opinions...

I am glad to have snagged up a partner about 9 years ago, because I couldn't be bothered with modern dating


The 'special' acts in 'intercourse' becoming too standard in the expectations of the date:

Picture is self-explicatory:

 Single and straying girlfriends tell me the lipstick/mouth act is as common and expected and you would expected to get milk with your coffee. Nothing wrong with a bit of alternative touch, however, they often hint the act is not really mutual...kinda boring, though. When did men stop to care about giving women an orgasm as well?

Another self-explicatory image...

Blame Canal+ and other xrated videos but somehow I feel the girls are being 'mistaken' for a willing boy a bit too much..

Kind of leaves me to say: why? We have perfectly functioning and adjustable parts that will do the job perfectly.

And for the 'alternative' experience there are plenty of willing boys out there, so stop pestering your newly found girl(s) and say it is 'standard or normal' because even if it is...it doesn't mean she has to do it....

Just a random opinion, that has to do with me being 30-something  and raised in female-friendly 80s...

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