the Transeasonal Shoesale Wishlist I

Hefty title for today...

Sales require a specific tactics in order to get the right stuff at the right time.

Online shopping and shoes require even more strategic effort. Will they fit me? Will they be comfortable? Will I like the quality/colour in real life?

Besides of the doubts, I wanted to blog about my little wishlist:

1. The neutral standard with a quirky twist: Pedro Garcia Yancy Woven Pumps
The heel still works without me being launched into either supermodel (height, not with!) or transsexual territory of becoming more than 6 ft and towering haughtily over the other people. I like how they are the lovely safe black shoe, still with a tiny bit of bondage going on, and the woven bottom part is quirky enough to be noticed by the real shoe-fans.

€319.00->€129.00 (mytheresa)

2. the Androgynous or tough girl biker: Miu Miu brown biker Boots

Gorgeously androgynous or perfect to fake like you don't care shi$ about fashion if paired under a skirt or dress.

3. The next season hit: Nicholas Kirkwood two-tone Phyton peep-toes

I have a couple of shoes I know I would buy and wear if I would live in another country, for example Italy or Spain. These are basically the shoes that are made for Italian and Spanish cities, or the perfect Mediteranean coast and its lovely boulevards. But basically, if I would wear these to the local supermarket with dutch 'normality' I think they would think I'm slightly bonkers...oh, they already thought that...ha ha. But I like the stares of a smaller town, actually, they wouldn't blink an eyelid in the 'bigger' cities such as Amsterdam.

They make a good SS12 purchase because the reddish coral is having a big moment, snake isn't really gone yet and the turquoise will be featured as well. 


4. Charlotte Olympia Paloma Platform Pumps: the birthday present for your best friend

 These have the same fashion-creds that will make them fit for SS12, and are delightfully quirky and non-standard too. Only, even in Italy/Spain/heaven I wouldn't be able to walk in such high heels without feeling like a giant, but my bestie would wear them with pride.

Ok, for that price she has to be my BBF and it will be her birthday and Christmas combined, and she has to give me a good gift as well. 

5. the Dutch standard (only more expensive than the Dutch standard): Jill Sander boots
I can really draw out the quintessential Dutch woman: she probably has highlights (or other colour in her hair, but predominantly she will go for highlights) and a wardrobe that is more comfortable than fashionable. And, yep, those kneehigh boots with a really low heel in a really standard black or brown.

Technically, a good choice because the weather is often quite blah and the average Dutch woman does a lot of running around or cycling around (no valet parking for her) and they work for those kind of activities. But exiting, no, not really.

Still, I would want a pair of those if I wanted to fit in, only in a more expensive brand and the Jill Sander fit the bill into the classic standard.

Just 5 for today, perhaps more for another time... 

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