Vogue Brasil February 2012

Looking outside the contemporary meaning of the concept behind friends-with-benefits, there are more things that you can benefit from friends outside the realm of the physical...My BBFF brought me the newest cover of Vogue Brasil February 2012.

Adriana Lima, probably the second well known Brazilian model in the world (guess who billionaress no. 1 is), is gracing this cover. And with the cooler winter month I consider this perfect image to be the eponym of exotic femininity...
many men (and some women) would love to say: `I have Adriana Lima lying on the couch`

Goodie, now I can update a bit of how the Brazilian fashionable summer-time is going at (Brazil, being on the Southern part of the hemisphere, is having summer now).

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  1. Nice cover. Love Adriana Lima :)