IconoFash with Lanvin

There's a bit of a rebel in me

Because, I have to confess....

I can be a bit IconoFash...

 IconoFash= Kicking against Fashion rules for Fun's sake (MlleWanderlust)

Deriving from:
Iconoclast= 2. One who assails or attacks cherished beliefs or venerated institutions on the ground that they are erroneous or pernicious. (Oxford Dictionary)
Fash: short for fashionable (Urbandictionary)

You can get away with a lot in fashion, but somehow I be consider that a Lanvin dress shouldn't be combined with inline skates and a cap. At least, I think some people in Holland can be uptight about some things. Some people are bound to exclaim "kan écht niet" whereas in the UK and other countries there is the idea that goes something like "everything goes". Good these Dutch standards are changing and people get more adventurous over here has well.

Somehow, I liked this combination to bring out the swagger of the dress (and it is from the Lanvin for H&M line , so pricewise I wouldn't be too bothered if I fell in it and got a hole in it).

Also, it's my effin blog so I can get away with it, ha ha. Ideally, I would take this dress out to Buenos Aires and dance a tango with it, but something more unconventional always works for me too (& I'm still stuck in Holland so Buenos Aires just have to wait).
PH. Da boyfriend 
(edited: moi & Iphone)

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