Sometimes is it worth the wait, worth the browsing and worth the checking up...

I was able to score the ultimate sale-find in the last week of the net-a-porter sale: that sale has been a while ago, right?

So Mlle Wanderlust made a list: gotta check the priorities:
Everything Alaïa would be delightful, however
  • only classics (easy with Alaïa)
  • not over 500 euro (not so easy with Alaïa, even in sale. Check out their current sandal range: anyone up for a flat sandal over €1000?)
  • I should be able to walk in their heels, that would mean nothing over 12 cm... (I'm 5"11: I don't want people to take their binoculars and look at me from the far distance down)
The ones I got fitted the bill.

The actual shoe, unboxed

Typically, I went for the perfect trans-seasonal model. This one can be worn in winter with tights and with oh so lovely warmer weather.

"any feet/shoefetishists around?" ;P
The icing on the cake: the banana-shaped heel and the bondage-esque form.

These are officially the highest heels I own. I think I went over that 12 cm, however, they are still comfortable enough to walk in them, a bit.

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  1. Awesome, those heels are just amazing.

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    ox from NYC,