Marni Marvelousness

I think I have the most UNROMANTIC story of how I got my Marni for H&M:

I wish I could tell about my dangerous night sleeping in front of the H&M fighting off drug-addicts who tried to stick their dirty needles into my skin, the terrifying exitement minutes before the opening where other people tried to strangle me over the time-band-access, and the battle between fashionista's who sticked their heels in my eyes just to get the perfect dress we were fighting over...

But I can't...

I just got my bloody haul online!

I did suffer some clicking-finger cramps, though...I hope that makes the story somewhat more romantic and me a more adventurous fashionista :D

To continue about how unromantic my Marni Haul was, let me include a picture of my pickup point:

Can you believe how expensive Gas is these days? If you don't have a car, you probably can't...

The Damage:

*silk colourblock dress (really large for a size 36)
* dotted pencil skirt
* Marni red belt (looks like an airplane belt)
* (not featured on the pictures, a silk top)
* Returned: the unpattered bag: it looked too fake for my bag-snobism

Actually I couldn't have been bothered to be the zillionth blogger to write about Marni for H&M, if it weren't from a request I got from my twitter mate HabileuseHelene. I liked this girly from the start: she's a Berliner habitant & she is a tremendously cool kid ♥

The 'modelling'? Meh...maybe later...

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