A slightly weird series of a travelling Ducky

Some people are born quite normal but pretend to be unnormal, others are quite weird but try to blend into normality...I think I am the latter one.

Ducky in the train, looking over the Dutch frozen landscape

Ducky prefers luxe bathwater over dirty Amsterdam canals

Ducky on Damsquare, Amsterdam
Ducky in the Pool

Ducky meeting Caju (Cashewfruit & nut on top)

Ducky dangling in Rainforest tree: just like Tarzan, only topsy turvy

In order to make my weirdness more proactive I started a creative series of the 'Travelling Ducky'. See it as a kind of therapy to channel my excentricity, or perhaps an excuse to tote around my rubber bathing ducky in my (sometimes designer) bag...

I hope to make more pictures of her in different settings...

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