The Travel 'Child'

I'm often the big-little-girl on holiday and somewhat skip the last bit of constricted adultness I have to fake in normal life. Ok ok, I have lots of travel experience from a young age so the dealing with travel papers and the likes are easy piecy for me. And about being connected to my inner child, I was quite a wise kid in the first place: it's good to be connected to your intuitive child every now and then

Anyway, I was blessed enough to fly to different places when being really young thanks to my wanderlust, bohemian parent. Most Dutch people would go to the South of France with the car as the Dutch thing to do, but my parents took me to Spain, Canary Island, Florida, Thailand and more before I even got to the age of 12.

Time to bring out the REALLY vintagy pictures (not with any filter)

The girl in the pink dress is tiny me. The picture is quite old because, blatantly (compared to my followers), I am quite old. I like the dress I'm wearing: my talented mum made me that! Even better, stylish little me is going on a holiday and that combines the two things I kept loving in my life: travel and cute clothes.

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  1. Jolies photos!

    Angela Donava