Vogue NL: strike a (ackward) pose

If you actually read my blog it might come across that I can have a sharp opinion. If you prefer a run-of-the-mill opinions, please skip this post or just check the pretty pictures.

Initially, I wanted to title this post "Vogue NL: the Rape of the Fairytale" but I slightly adjusted my opinion on it, because I've seen the cover up close now and it's not so bad afterall. So why am I being so harsh on it? Perhaps you will see nothing wrong with it:

I want to judge the Vogue not only by its cover, but Fashion depends on covers so I have my say about it.
  • The women don't look connected: it's like they are cut-n-pasted from other sources and never seen each-other on the set.
I simply don't see the connection between people that I see in other covers. I can see the hand draped over the other woman but it looks not genuine.
  • horrible body-language and posing: Oh gosh, I don't know where to begin. What the heck is the middle girl doing with her finger? Is it, yet another, hint to something naughty? Or does she want to remind me to wax my upperlip? And the girl in yellow: why the mean look towards the woman she's embracing? The woman in pink? She looks like she's in a windtunnel and cannot keep her balance: why would any woman lean backwards that much and think that she actually looks good/attractive?
I think fashionbloggers don't see that much wrong with the posing and it reminds me of some poses that fashionbloggers make. But that is just the difference: fashionbloggers connect to the people because they are real girls and boys and not the fairytale.

As for the possible hint to something naughty: Again, there is a lot of sensuality and sexuality in our daily lifes. It's a part of communication.

Now, you might say I am some religious prude but remember me praising the Vogue Brazil cover?

Kate Moss is surely hinting to something naugthy...but here's the deal: it's still the modern fairytale: I actually want to be (princess) Moss with my perfect body, eyes, hair and tempt that incredibly gorgeous man she's staring at.

Vogue NL just transports me to a place I really wanted to get away from in the first place: daily life and ordinary people's way of flirting. I don't mind to see this on the FHM or other lads-magazine or even something less glamorous such as Glamour or even Elle would be ok. Or somewhere in the middle of Vogue. But people, this is VOGUE! And its cover too! Was this really the best FIRST cover they could do?

What I like:
I actually still like some things from it
  • The fashion: The women have a great set of 50s inspired outfits on. They are brightly coloured and feature the most-wanted trends on the field of texture: lace, yellow tweed and a taffetta-type pink dress.
  • Makeup and hair: beautifully done eyes with a good dose of eyeliner, sweet updo braids and a happy lipstick that shows off how beautiful these girls are.
  • White background: good to show off the clothes.
 That's my humble opinion. People on twitter were really raving about the cover and I seemed to be the only one being dissapointed by it. But it's just something like national pride and I just hoped that the Vogue Netherland edition would have done do better than this cover.  I wonder what Anna Wintour would say about it...She might be milder than me but actually I don't think so.


  1. Love this post and agree completely with you. What a bad cover, OMG we are talking about Vogue here, can't believe they actually used that photo for an editorial. Oh, well.

  2. I think you're right! It looks like an old fashion cover of the 90s.