I was tempted to recycle another famous songtitle for this blogpost (yesterday's was Madonna's) but I kept from being that dodgy.

Key is that I went to London yesterday, merely for a day. Ironically, the trip was to go with my boyfriend to the Nike store on Oxford street but ironically he was sick.

I just love London for it's quirky aesthetics and the fashion-dareness. People in Holland are beautiful but sometimes play it safe, fashion & aestheticwise. London gives me a different zest, I wish I could live there.

I haven't facebooked, twittered or instagrammed this yet: I suspect people will go like "oh, she went agaaaaain" kind of feeling. They don't tell it in your face, but I suspect that kind of envy sometimes.

Perhaps I tell more about my 1day trip, or not...we'll see.


  1. I love london I wish I could live there too!!!

    check out my blog I would love that :) http://www.Thestylestash.com

    Rafaella Nicoletti

  2. Welcome to London!

    this is a great photo and I look forward to your London shots too.

    I love London, then I hate it then I love it again. I mostly love it but I agree we are bold and brassy and like to dare ourselves here.