Fool's Day Memories: the Trevi Travel Tale

My first time Rome-ing was a special thing for me. I went there in 2010 as the first destination as a newly-single girl (ok, woman).
Trevi fountain: Samhorine on Instagram
I had never been in Italy before and Rome was the first place I really wanted to visit because...oh well... an infatuation I had with someone who originally was from Italy. I always get a bit curious with these matters and really wanted to know what Italy was about. Rome seemed like the first place to go.
(for people fond of love-stories: nothing happened...I wasn't the type - just that platonic understanding ...got over it...reunited with the boyfriend...yeh)

It got me in Rome the first place so I'm really thankful for that one. I visited the place where the fountain-scene of La Dolce Vita had been filmed: the Trevi fountain.

Looking at pictures of Trevi still has be flustering of embarrassment and shame.  I was wearing some Rayban Aviator's that day (why the heck did I think Rayban's looked great on me in 2010? The mysteries of fashion),  I went to sit next to the fountain and *WOOPS* there they went! Those darn things costed me $115 so I wanted to get them back. This fountain is deep, so I tried to get it with my toes.

But then, hurray, the police saw me with one leg in the water and thought I was pulling an Anita Eckberg!!!

Somehow in a city full of tourist they suddenly refused to speak any English and my Italian was as nihil as saying Grazia and Pizza. Not the kind of word I wanted to use to them. I really wasn't intending in doing the La Dolce Vita scene (come on, am I a busty blonde with a hot man on her side??? Not really, right?). I finally stopped speaking English to the 5 Roman policeman that surrounded me (yeh, I look like the dangerous big Dutch woman so they need 5 policemen for that??? )and started to talk Dutch to them. That kind of helped because they let me go.

Things you can learn from this story:
  • You can get really embarrassed when travelling 
  • Don't save a pair of sunglasses in the Trevi fountains if you cannot speak any Italian unless you actually resemble Anita Eckberg 
  • Speaking Dutch has a semi-magical effect on Italian policemen (even if you don't look superDutch)
  • Always get infatuated with someone from countries you like to (re)visit: you will have a brilliant excuse to visit them
  • Rome is amazing: I will show more about it in upcoming posts.
  • You might laugh about stupid things you've done after 2 years. Or you'd still feel really embarrassed about it. Or both...At least it will be a good anecdote.

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