Paige Chello

I really want to continue the dodgy music theme and almost wanted to title this 'Chello, it is me you lookin' fo?' but I couldn't bare be that simple. Never mind I like Lionel Richie a lot, and his daughter's style too.

Talking about cult daughters brings me to cult jeans, which, right now is florals (pastel too, but florals take it up a nodge). I got myself the Paige Chello after serious fashion investigation, eg here. Of all the floral jeans out there I really liked the combination of florals & colours on the Chello the most.
red blouse: Red Herring @ Debenhams; Red bag with floral lining ♥: Créations Sac Mary @ Monshowroom; shoes: Shuh 

Paige isn't really cheap and you get the hassle with ordering them online (both at Revolveclothing & Shopbop). But the quality of the jeans is quite thick & sturdy so it will work for a winterjeans ánd will flatter legs that aren't stick-thin or overexcersized.

Some cheaper options are the Zara Floral jeans for 39.95 , which is quite a good & thick fabric which helps the not-too-perfect leggy ones among us (the 0.001 % who isn't either a model, anorexic or sportsaddict)

Damsel in a dressingroom
Or a flimsier fabrik is the one from NewLook, but that pattern is so lovely and it's quite cheap if you do not want to splurge too much on this trend.

cool dressing room wallpaper @ Newlook in Rotterdam
This weekend I will be 'body-fitting' them by wearing them a couple of times before washing them. The normal strategy for making jeans & skinnies really fitting for your body should be wearing them for a month without washing (or denimgeek talks about 6 months????) but that would be too bizarre for me.

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