Some really Dutch things

It has been a sunny day and I thought I wanted to talk about Dutch things again.


Let's start with the clichés: bikes. I started a tag called #happydutchbike on instagram and basically there are plenty that look like normal bikes on prozac. I love this picture because the girl inside is wearing pink and the pink flower in her home. Everything spells out sweet Dutch coziness/gezelligheid. Gezelligheid is more of an attitude than a decoration: but you have to be quite Dutch to get that

Dutch Blondes...
Let's just say the quintessential Dutch girl was a cute blonde child and wants to keep it that way getting older. There are naturals in Holland (mature ones), really, but not that much: I don't think most men would care if it's real or not, as long as it looks real?

Being a blonde takes a certain attitude. I have been a full blonde once, but I was a deep intellectual (still am, somewhere) and the hair wasn't agreeing with me. I do like the starter's version, though, that...'oh, just by surfing' kinda ones I also had once:
My 'surfing'/starters highlights age 17 (instagrammed)
Disclaimer: I kept the eyes but I don't really look like that anymore...on the plus side, I got some better groomed eyebrows.

The Food: Unidentifiable, but tasty Frikandel

We have no idea what they put in there...it might be streetcats or the like but we know it's a kind of mixed meat product with tons of chemical taste-amplifying stuff. There is mayonaise on top, some curry sause and chopped onions. There's probably no health value at all: that makes it a 'naughty' food.


  1. Amazing photos!! I hope you'll visit my blog!

  2. Hahaha funny post! I want to go to Holland and see it myself :))