easy DIY: un-standard-ing the Zara Blouse

A while a go I got a Zara silk blouse which, intitially, I was happy having.

However, after a while I got slightly irritated seeing it in my closet because I had seen it on another blogger, and was quite certain it would be a piece that would be too easily recognizable as standard Zara.

I could either donate it or throw it away or had to make it slightly more personal and un-standard it.

First, what to do with the collar?

Would a applique fit the bill?

Well, I decided not to do that because the fabric is made of a slightly inferior and lighter silk and needed something light to keep the collar looking crisp.

I could leave it without the cuffed sides: only a bit of ironing would get it straight:

Eventually, I Biba-ed it up and gave it a butterfly collar!

applied the butterflies with some similar coloured-thread
It's a sweeter & more romantic version that I had earlier, and I do not have to look that standardly Zara either.

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  1. La blouse est tres belle!!!J'adore!!!
    Angela Donava