Freedom Festival - some ramblings & pics

Transwijk Park Utrecht, 5 May 2012

1. Will these daisies survive the festival? Ehm, not quite so...

2. Purse-spiration & pant-spiration galore! Also, I gotta get my redhead-act together and get some more vivid strands.

3. Rainy day: but they're happy together.

4. No festival without portaloos...I should say PortaLouLou??

5. This picture does NOT contain poo, really! Not that it's any fresh stuff but I think they are still relatively clean. My boots are also still clean.

6. Finding HOPE in a portaloo....recycled hope, actually

freedom symbolism
Girl applying makeup @ Vintage stall

waiting in line: looking at that fab blue bag

Bitchin' singer: I have no clue what the band-name was

festival child being happy with her family
'cake makes happy'/'taartjes maken blij': FOOD!

Waste on a stick
Nick & Simon, some Dutch act in fave with young girls & some women (not me, but they were allright)
This festival was my first proper time of fun since 2012: that's actually pretty lousy if you think about that. Best of it that it was as good as free. Something different than my attempts lately to spend too much on fashionable items that do not make me happy in the long run (I still like them, though)

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  1. wow...such a great pics a great time you had! :)