Hula Dancer ft the ♡ ♡ sandals

Hawaiian temperatures, Hawaiian prints and a girl who easily gets into character is a good combination for a Hula Dancer inspired outfit. 

Kimono-Top: Topshop, Skirt: NewLook, sandals: Topshop, Clutch - originally a laptop-sleeve-: Topshop, similar here, cuff: from 2007, Bracelet: etsy,  headband 1st ph :from Episode Utrecht

I picked my usual 'inDaHood' spot because I cannot always travel around for photoshoots: I might be a fashionschiz but I am not Tim Walker & Lily Cole wrapped up on one, nor am I or would I ever be commissioned by Vogue.
Talking about things that look good on models, but not so much on mortals: wetlook hair. Ph 1 & 3 has my hair wetlooked...ehm, skipping that trend. Also, for being work-appropriate I do a normal blouse and not the tied-belly blouse.

So besides the bit of belly you might think this outfit is totally manrepeller. Not so much: this maxiskirt is on the sheer side, which means that a woman should have some bootyconfidence or good underwear. Ok, always wear fab underwear with sheer clothes or backside peepers or the sensual effect is blast away.(yeh, straight men don't bother if the woman is really hot if she's wearing dodgy lingerie but fashionpeople will think "why the heck did she wear such a blah bra under that sheer tshirt?"

The clutch is actually a laptop-sleeve, but I made it a multi-tasker! I am never limited by names that give out labels so if I can make it a clutch, so there it is: a clutch that carries things.

I forgot to do the 'other-side-of-the-outfit'-photo, but this cute doll did:

She's available at Etsy over here.


  1. the photos are so cute

  2. amazing post. so cute <3
    kisses and a great day.
    maren anita

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  3. That outfit is gorgeous on you. I love the maxi skirt!

    Very pretty laptop sleeve from what I can see too! Love that you've found a second use for it!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com! :)

  4. J'aime les photos! Super post!

    Angela Donava