Model Talk: Husband pickin'

Easy theme for today with 3 totally different examples. I think someone's once posted: when in doubt, post a supermodel on your blog. I'd picked the three supers of supers with unordinary husband choices: Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Giselle B√ľnchen.

Starting with a face that is probably more iconic than the McDonald sign and Jesus (sorry religious people and junkfood lovers): Kate Moss.

Kate Moss & Johhny Depp by Francois Marie Banier (source)
Kate Moss has a thing for bad boy rockers. I think one her best choices has been Johnny Depp in the 90s. Probably not many of you were actively into fashion (or actively teen/adult) in the 90s but it was quite the couple: a kind of collaboration of sharp cheekbones and mysterious beauty.
Kate Moss & Johhny Depp by Francois Marie Banier (source)
The relationship ended and Johnny Depp continued dating women with big eyes, fragile frames but strong personalities such as Windona Ryder. He ended up with beautiful, French icon Vanessa Paradis.

As for Kate Moss, she got on with druggie Pete Dorothy and other rocker/badboys before she married Jamie Hince:
musicman Hince strikes the right cord with Kate

Beauty & the beast: Lara Stone & David Walliams

So here's Lara dolled up in a magazine:

Here's Walliams dolled up for his show 'Little Britain':

Ok, they both share a like for lipstick and dressing up...although Walliams wears more clothes right now.

Brings me to the topic of 'the beauty & the beast', also the themesong played at the Walliams/Stone wedding. Movies/Films like 'She's Out of my League' often give the message that an intelligent, somewhat nerdy and not too Quarterback-y man should be over the moon with a beautiful woman.

Actually, you could also turn it around say the beautiful woman should be delighted with a man who has a funny sense of humour (Lara often quotes Walliams that she picked him because he could make her laugh like no other). And I'm sure the Little Britain star has had some cash too.
Lara looking delightfully 'happy' with her hubby
Funnily, when you google the together pickures of Lara & Walliams you often see a beaming Walliams as he hit the jackpot & went to heaven at the same time and a moodier Lara who has uninterested body-language towards her husband.

Curious of how long that marriage will survive.

Last Theme: beautiful & Rich x beautiful & rich makes= Billionaire Stunningness

yeh Giselle, I would smile like that too
So this woman got her quarterback and they both are incredibly rich, do good things for the rainforest and environment, have organic lifestyles and probably their offspring will become beautiful/rich/both too?

Giselle & her baby Benjamin (source)
Ok, well done Giselle or well Done Tom Brady...or just, nice match.


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