How to blag € for the bag?

Disclaimer: this post should be taken with a pinch of salt...but we've all been there: really wanting something when you cannot afford it...
source: Jefferson Zip @ Coroflot
1. Friends are forever (and designer bags as well)

I think borrowing money as a slightly fashion-addict is difficult. Your not-into-fashion friend really don't get it why you need that upteenth bag, and your fashionistas-in-crime already spend their spare money (and probably some borrowed from yours) on their musthaves!
"meet my Friend, the walking creditcard"(via Ground-zer0)
But don't ask all the time. Few people (except for the girl above) want to be seen as a walking creditcard and your friends will get sick of you if you treat them that way. Don't jeopardize real friendships that matter for some material must-have.

2. Try the route of 'Love'

The boyfriend or husband can come in handy but only if he feels guilty enough loves you enough to set aside a bit for you. And sometimes he says he loves you and that's why *quote* "EXACTLY why he will not give you the cash/bag/item because you need to get serious with your life". Oh great! That's what we need, a serious life because the news is so funny and the economic situation hilarious.

3. Sisterhood of the travelling pants bags:

If you have lots of fashionfriends (who have blogs): consider buying a it-bag together and alternate them on your posts.

4. Get yourself a sugardaddy (or mummy)...
Alas, not all older, rich men come in these packages
Uhm, I wouldn't (except for example above)...but if it works for you...

5. Poor Little rich girl:
 Hurray, it's father's day so let's get to the 'poor little rich girl' techniques

Shirley Temple in "Poor Little Rich Girl"(1934). source: doctormacro
Check out poorlittlerichgirl.com for some real info.

6. Be Bold in asking

I once got the boldest request of borrowing someone money for a bag. This guy (not gonna mention names) that I only know from twitter half-jokingly/half-seriously asked me to hand him some cash for a bag. OK, based on a twitter contact? Anyway, you gotta give him credits for trying and he always has quite expensive stuff carrying around so he must blag a lot to get money.

7. Work your b*tt off and don't ask other people for any favours!

Yeh, the hard way. At least you will know your bag is YOURS...worked for with honest money. or....

8. Get yourself into the circles of the rich/famous/succesful:
Source: Jefferson Zip @ Coroflot
I don't know if it scores any bags, but it can always get you some good pictures for a blog which can gain more popularity.

9. Creditcards are forever too:

 (especially the debts)
10. Be really gorgeous and don't settle for less...
former market girl Vodianova probably had lots of guys buying her fruits
Obvious one: I'm just average so the tips above will work better for me. But I've seen some really gorgeous girls doing the most average jobs whereas I would think: come on, get yer purty face into a (decent) but better paying job!


  1. Those were some really interesting tips actually. I think asking on Twitter was definitely bold but also not a very good idea, I would find that really rude. The only one I agree with on there is working really really hard for your money and then occasionally if it's a must, borrowing from someone close to you. I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits and more :) :)


    1. thank you for commenting. Actually, I broke the twitter contact months afterwards and this was one of the main reasons. I didn't feel confortable someone reading my tweets when he obviously was so much about getting $ from me. He's one of those people who look cookiecutter cute but has a personality that doesn't match the appearance.

      I'd love to follow you, btw :D

  2. omg xd this is so funny haha!

  3. Great post!
    Now following you, Hope you follow back!(: