From top to bottom; left to right: 

1. The latest Label:

Labels, women get them a lot.  One of the typical ones given is the dichotomy of virgin-wh*re? Someone has to add the mother-figure because I sometimes have been assigned to that role (somewhat similar as 'the nurse' or 'the psychologist'...or the listening, wiser (not saying wise, but wiser) and caring figure).
So I figured I should buy something from jeans-brand Mother for my figure..and it was on sale: now you must be curious if the jeans is the good-girl jeans or bad-girl hotpants ...but I don't like those kind of labels so I gladly get rid of them.

2. The Hippy Label

I actually bought them in white on sale. White jeans = not flattering on me (shoulda know that). The fact that Elle MacPerson wears them does NOT help either because she hasn't been called the body for nothing...(see pics here). I had to dye them darker and made them even more hippy. All of my fashionSchiz aside: I'm actually a hippy/bohemian at heart.

3. My 1st H&M with designer collaboration item

Stella McCartney was the second designer to collaborate with H&M in november 2005 (yikes, that explains the piling on my sweater: it's quite old then...still good quality). I don't know why I skipped the first: Meister Karl Lagerfield. Perhaps for safety reasons because the first time was so hectic. Also, I love Stella McCarney's aesthetics more than Herr Karl.

4. My Latest H&M designer collaboration item

My polka-dot pencil skirt from Marni. It's kind of lazy to buy them from internet and my first time running in the store for Stella was really memorable, but I'm actually glad it's possible like this too. I'm looking forward for the Maison Martin Margiella collaboration.

5. The lesser known Designer

Tsumori Chisato is a favourite from Helena Christensen (supermodel 90s & photographer these days). I really love her way of bohemian chic dressing so I looked into this brand when she mentioned it. Chisato uses a lot of cat-inspired designs, like this cat-faced sweatshirt I have. I would love to have more of her designs but she's quite expensive.

6. The Vintage Designer

Good old Balmain: this furry and wintery coat is from the 70s or 80s but I got it in good condition.

7. The Freebie-with-David-Beckham label

ElleUK included this Reiss tanktop tshirt with their latest issue with the David Beckham cover. As if the man would need freebies to get the ElleUK magazine to be bought (oogle over him here) ...but it still helps...

8. The label we all Need...



  1. wow...great images!!!

  2. Really like this post, what an unusual idea :)