Five Random Thingies about me

I'm not really new into this vanity thingy that I like to talk about myself. So I will answer myself some questions and I'll answer myself too.

1. Have you actually been veiled before?

I have been to Marrakeh, Morroco as a single female traveller a couple of years ago. There's a large French community in Marrakech that dresses up Western. However, I was alone so I went for a slouchy kaftan dress that reached my feet and I veiled my head as much as I can: hiding my redhead hair.  Only my eyes gave away I was Western (I've got really light eyes)  and they have sunglasses for that too. At least, I adjusted myself to the surroundings and wouldn't feel ok if I would walk around in my warmer-summer clothes I wear around here being alone.

2. Why does Rihanna grab her crotch and would you do that too in public (found here)?

Huh? I cannot tell that much about Rihanna but I have seen her life in Arnhem in 2010. It was an exhilirating experience and probably my most memorable concert to date. I even fainted and was carried to the first aid: unfortunately, the best place in front of the stage was a place I couldn't reach anymore. Lucky guess, Rihanna likes attention and is much about auto-erotism. It worked for Madonna and gives out a message of: "here I am and my (not going to type the C word)...". As for Rihanna, I loved her Rated R album which is both dark and gritty (e.g. G4L) as postive and sensual (e.g Rude Boy). Her latest album is, IMO, sexual only..and her voice is too edited to have that Rihanna imperfect uniqueness I used to love.
Would I do the crotch-grap in public: I don't need the attention as she does and I don't have any STD's that makes me reach for it her so I'll leave her alone in public.

3. Starsign:

Leo, female lions are the ones that do all the hunting of the pride...My birthday is up soon so I can add another "something" to my "thirty"-status.

4. Weirdest food you ever ate:

I visited my second grandma's village in Thailand close to Laos (my granddad got remarried) and some of the women were harvesting silk-worms. One gave me one to eat and she totally giggled afterwards: probably because that funny, blue-eyed tourist had no clue nobody in that area eats those things. Anyway, I have loved silk blouses a lot since then.

5. What means love to you?

Oh dear, should I really answer this one and in a couple of sentences? I was actually checking out some Louboutins lately because I don't have them yet and I think they are the standard of sensual shoes. So Christian L names his shoes in "not too original names"  (although I was quite shocked of how this name reminded me of an disorder). He has a Love-shoe and a Sex-Shoe: I was totally surprised that the Love-shoe was cheaper!

Brings me back to JLo's song "Love don't cost a thing", but we are still talking Louboutins so they'll cost!

Anyway, to link any personal symbolism to this: IMO you can walk the extra mile in the Love shoes and they still look sensual. The Sex shoes will give you more attention but you have to step out of them before you'll get blisters.

Yup, I'm one of those apocalyptic romantics: I know it's not going to happen in 2012 (neither apocalypse nor love) but I think it will happen.


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  3. Totally lovin' this!! ♡

  4. Oh I think love will happen for you and if not at least there are Loubies!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Great post! Lovely pictures!