New in:

Come on, take a guess: what is it???

Yeh, the detail fetishist would already recognized it!

Meet my new stellar and stellarly high Alice & Olivia Tie-dye wedges with snakeprint! So perfect for my Bohemian nature...

I got them before last weekend and I already showed the box in the 'lowmobbed friday' post. My intellectual endeavour of this weekend was learning to walk with them in the house: I've learned! My biggest style-influence has been the always colourful and feminine Annabelle from Vivaluxury who always has the best shoes in the cutest colours.

And now I will NOT wear them in Holland anymore. Reason: people in Holland label me as 'stoer' (tomboy) which I don't really feel like at all. I love wearing girly clothes and feel drawn to feminine items but yeh, people here are easy to put on labels just because they feel like it. I normally ignore the labels but I feel its a shame if I wear them and they are not appreciated for what they are and how they compliment my personality. But take them to the Meditereanean streets of....*keep guessing*...somewhere Meditereanean and somewhere cosmopolitan...could be anywhere from Marrakech to Cannes.

Who knows?


  1. OMG those shoes are just stunning!!
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  2. Gorgeous pair of shoes.