Sale Newbie

It was one of those things that had me questioning "do I really need *yet another* leather/suede jacket?", and then I saw the price and I was "yep, for that price I do".

This one is from the Zara Utrecht. Zara is spread throughout Holland these days but I like Utrecht for fashionista & pretend-to-be fashionista spotting. Amsterdam can be quite mix-match with tourists & some fash/pretend-fash but Utrecht often gets a lot of the highheeled damsels who seem to have stepped of the fashionblog screens.

It has that vintage quality without being the overused-vintage idea some vintage can have. I love vintage as well, as long as it's quite fresh...And the fringes? Delightfully bohemian.


  1. Thank you for lovely comment :) I agree with your opinion. Many of people pretend it is not by dressing up. Black (btw. my favourite color :)) and melancholic is part of me. And it will not leave me :) Best ragards :)

  2. I have been coveting this jacket on the website! You found it for such an amazing price, congrats! I'm pretty jealous! Love your blog:)

    MacKenzie and Molly @

  3. Sale... my favourite word. :) This is a gorgeous jacket.

  4. oooh great buy hun!!!!

    awww you're too sweet! and yes indeed! i AM going to London in the fall! are you a fellow londoner yourself?

    Ginger and Lace

  5. amazing jacket!!! love it!!!
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