Marseille & Me, and how we met...

Marseille was my starting-point for my roadtrip, and it was the point it ended as well.

I have a thing for cities, whether I like them or not. They have their own personality and feel like a living, breathing person that is as changeable as the weather.

Arriving at Marseille I wasn't a happy girl. So I started our first encounter with me not really being myself. However, at a couple of hours she made me feel feminine again and ready to expore her in the tartan/plaid dress I brought for the journey (one from 2008, but tartan has returned so there you go!). And my unbeatable Sam Edelman sandals.

My avatar is in Marseille all of the time!
Oh, actually it was the gorgeous and superfriendly woman at the car-rental who gave me a BRAND-NEW car for rental, in RED!

ready to loose your virginity with me??

Yeh, my blog has been portraying Southern French men but I wish I had a picture of her to remind me of human friendliness: I think I have a slight crush with her, so I will return to Marseille to rent a car with her again.

Ok, I'm not that materialistic that women have to give me good deals to make me like them, but I had the best first impression of a Marseillean woman.

To continue red fever and consumerism:

  • polkadots!
  • Cashmire (mix)
  • from Galleries LaFayette (they have two in Marseille!)
LaFayette ship to Holland as well so I should stock up more on their cashmire. Oh geee, they had Maje as well...I was shopping wearing winter coats while it was 34 celcius outside (ADDICT!)

That's how we met, Marseille & me.


  1. love the polkadots!

    you have such a lovely blog too, definitely following!

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  2. Cool story! the car is so cool! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  3. It sounds like it turned into a great trip! The car is awesome!! And thanks so much for the kind comments regarding my etsy shop! I hope you had the chance to check it out!
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