Peace...the military is just a trend

I kinda shared my unwillingness to take up my androgynous-ness to a higher level by trying to avoid the upcoming/already-trending military trend, until I looked in my closet again.

Help! Does that look an awful lot like it?

I will dwell in innocence and tell you it is not what it looks like. Actually, it isn't! I bought this one last year during a The Kooples sale, not realising it would be
  • this military green
  • this leather-ish
  • androgynous
Then I found it too much effort to return it.

Heck, I was so fascinated by this whole The Kooples hype that it seemed like the perfect trench online. Never worn the thing before, actually. But now the time would be somewhat right, right?

Advise needed: I know the Marant-cool-girl look is having a better time than the dainty dollies in fluffy-pink-dresses but how can I wear this trench without looking like I stepped out of the nearest female-only bar? Red lipstick? Curls? Continious Barbie-smile...sillicone lips?

Giveaway? (ok, for those 59  60 followers I am not going to give away this pricy coat). Befriending people who are into this so I can give it away to buy their friendship/hope they will give me stuff too be a good friend?


  1. Nou wat lief, zo'n post ! Echt heel aardig, waardeer t zeer ^_^ En wat dit jasje betreft, ik zou hem helemaaal niet weggeven :) ik zie maar een klein stukje maar als de rest gewoon een mooie normale 'cleane' trench cut is, bewaar hem lekker voor de wat koudere dagen vanaf eind sept begin oktober ofzo en draag hem bijvoorbeeld zo http://www.upscalehype.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Nicky-Hilton-Burberry-Gabardine-Biker-Trench-Coat-With-Leather-Sleeves.jpg. Of met een mooie andere kleur skinny zoals wit of grijs, en mooie hakjes :D klaar ben je! Echt prachtig! Waar is hij van als ik vragen mag..?


  2. J'aime beaucoup ton blog!Supe!
    Angela Donava

  3. This could be really cute, your could wear it with a long grey or black maxi or some dark skinny jeans...a lightweight button up top or a simple cotton v-neck...add a cool necklace or earrings and you are good to go!

  4. Beautiful expressions of taste.

  5. what an awesome jacket|!