In the 'about me' part of this blog I added two important thing: First, that the "one woman Vaudeville show" recognizes my need to entertain people who read my blog, perhaps with my weirdness or perhaps with the pictures I added.

As for the entertaining, Sometimes it fails and my photos or representations might be too onconventional. I cannot please all and I started this blog for my own outlet of quirkiness alone. My blogname reflects two things. The first thing I should have thought over: I thought any unmarried woman under 40 would get a mlle: seems I do not visit France that often because I get both tags 'madame' or 'mademoiselle'. Anyway, the persona/alter-ego I write this blog under still has a girl-perspective upon life, thus mademoiselle.

When I say the blog is about everything and nothing, I remark that my blog isn't about fashion (alone). See the blogname again: travel is my priority. However, fashion and dressing up renders people a form of escapism and virtual travel that I included this aspect. Look at SS trends: hasn't it been a riot of colour and exotic-inspired influences?

Hence, I travel to get inspired. And I am not really fashion because I eat well too. That sums up the "about me" and my blog-philosophy of today.

Now, how did you come up with your blogname and did your blog evolve/morph into something slightly different too?


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  2. Thanks for your comment. I´m following you now. I hope you follow me too.