Fashion Experimantalism vs Being (my boring) Self

 I think everybody has had some criticism in her/his life and one of the greatest myths that older people will tell you is "it will get better when you get older". Basically, it doesn't! but it will change into a more subtle form instead of your 4-year-old friend declaring bluntly to you "I don't like your lunchbox".

Being more mature (doesn't have to do with age, 'cause some oldies are still not mature at all)  will basically give you more grips into saying "I don't care about your opinion because I've tried the things you suggested 10 years ago and I didn't like it".

left: "is it a bird?..no, it's superman". Right: "hiya, I'm literally on the fence"

Clothes and Fashion-experimentalism:
I did left a lot for the blog...Wearing the most colourful stuff. But basically I prefer to dress up like right: still colourful but a bit more classic.

Hair and experimentation:
Left shows the wig I bought for the blog. Wonderfully red and a bob with heaps of volume. It looks cool, fashionable and fun, but I don't really think it suits me.
Right: 'boring' me with natural and longer hair. Yes, people have given me flack about my hair being too long (some people my age), not having highlights (I had blonde when twentysomething and disliked it at a certain moments), or not being cool-girl enough (cool girls-squad). But I just don't like chemicals in my hair and I don't think the bob on the left really suits me.

Being experimentational in fashion/hair is wonderful when being younger and also fab when being more mature and feeling like it. Finding your own style is something else and can bring out respect too.

At least, it should when the hair is taken care for and is clean and fresh.
As for fashion? It's clothes you can take on and off. But it has symbolism these days so we like to play with it, right?
As for bodies: I don't think an eating disorder is worth it when it's not your job (neither with models, btw, or actrices, but at least they get paid to work out in the gym and be totally obsessed with their looks).

Duh, I'm getting to floaty, guru-talk today....Must be the Yoga..."Namaste" :-D


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