Greetings from Amsterdam

Hi everyone,

First a Happy Saturday from a sunny Amsterdam. I got out of the too-comfort dressing and thought I would whip it up...literary...by playing with the juxtaposition between good girl (fluffy sweater/bows/ribbons/sweet barette) and the extra accessory making it slightly bad girl.

I will be deconstructing my outfit soon (I hope Derrida won't be mad using his incredibly importantly coined term for fashion-use) and get some more photos up, but for now on...

have fun this weekend! And book a trip to Amsterdam!

(disclaimer: I seriously have the whip for the equine species only (horses) in real life, and for the animal lovers; only when he/she really doesn't wanna walk)


  1. lovely blog :)!
    Have fun in Amsterdam.
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  2. que lo pases bien!!!!!

  3. Love this look of yours!!! Have a great weekend yourself too which I am sure you will at Amsterdam!!!!!

  4. have fun to you too, I bet you'd have a great weekend at Amsterdam:D

  5. A real postcard! Girl, it's well done! :)