"I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat" (Hotel Talk)

Cat with hips
With all my baloney of masking myself as Sylvester the Cat, or, the one chasing Tweety who says "I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat".


"Quite existential, the original cartoons" (hence paraphrasing 90s teen cult movie Clueless Cher) , but I actually have a point. Hotels!

I think some of you are preparing to go to fashionweek in Paris..
lovely to sleep under/in here: but permitted?? Don't think so.

And not everyone has a good friend or lovely boy/girlfriend there, so some of us will have to book something to sleep in..... Hotels again: I got this mask and two others in Marseille's Mama's Shelter hotel. It's a funky-fun hotel and it's is Paris too

Mama's Shelter in Marseille:

mmm, white sheet I don't have to wash

bed for two: I just stretch throughout the bed when alone

Kiehl's as the hotel bathing goods!!!
In Paris, one of my faves from my last visit is Vice Versa: It has rooms dedicated to the 7 sins...As I almost am prone to sin every one of them (except lust) I wondered which room I got:

I got Vanity!

Vanity room: who else than Napoleon...the tiny man with great attitude
I  went to Paris with a friend. The actual reason was the Fridaynightskate (previous article here) and not fashion. I did spent an awful lot of time oogling the Chanel boutiques, the Printemps, and so much more. I also went up into the EiffelTower for the first time: previous years I always found it too expensive being a student.

Overall, delicious breakfast, especially considering for Parisian standards (do they eat anyway?) and with the metro not too far away from the action.

I haven't explored to many hotels in Paris in the past, but I found this excellent list on this travelblog with the top 10 of cool hotels.  Although I guess the prices will rise with fashionweek, if there even is something left.

Or perhaps that couchsurfing site? Or making Parisian BFF?


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  3. la stanza bianca con la farfalla sul muro è stupenda *-* anche io ho un blog, che ne dici di passare? mi farebbe molto piacere!

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  5. un lugar fantástico.

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