Shorty Story

 Blazer: Maison Scotch ][  Blouse: Equipment Mina  ][ Shorts: H&M  ][ Tights: Wolford ][ booties: Zara 2009, 
(so that counts as vintage, right?) ][ Bag: Mulberry Bayswater

Hey, I'm not overedited today nor into heavy makeup... reality bites but I don't think I look that bad when I took these ones. I dressed for my bodyshape: I have curvy hips but a smaller upper-body so I have to cheat optionally by putting the focus on my top by using brighter colours.

And it's time to bring out the tights again: Hi Autumn!

Duh, I got a new Canon a month ago on the recommendation of a photographer-store as a replacement for my reasonable older one (broken, but fixing would cost me $200) , but this one is a dud! I'm slightly p*ssed because I paid appr. $ 475: not that I need any mega-focus on my beginning wrinkles, but I wanted it to be sharp for my accessories.

 *rant over-> never a Canon again*
(I probably should steal a good one of one of those upteenth streetstyle photographers during on of those fashionweeks, but I'm just too honest but if you see a woman running away with a pissed streetstyler chasing her, that's me)


  1. Very pretty! I love your shoes! xx

  2. loving the colors going on, also how smart-casual this one looks

  3. You look wonderful.

    I invite you to me.

  4. The first picture is amazing! And you look pretty with those colors!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, hope we can keep in contact!

    Pablo from fungiexpress.com

  5. Sorry to hear that you're having camera troubles (that is super frustrating I know) but if it helps any I think you look great in these photos!

  6. You look so ready for fall and super pretty in these photos!!

    adorn la femme