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*disclaimer: the content is hopefully still for under the delicate age of 18. I mean, the youngsters have been overwhelmed with everything but I try to keep it couth*  
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Today a discussion of ero-lit: I think most of you have heard/read/deny-to-have read/flaunt-the-book-everywhere of our little Grey Shades. However, I thought I add a classis and let them have a bit of battling.

Literature with a inspiring quality on the field of erotics hasn't been really new: actually, the idea of using words that seemed to be modest but with a deeper content was often used in earlier eras, as plain imagery would set out the danger of being imprisoned or being shamed by the community. Still, the need for inspiration was certainly there, so creativity with words were often applied.

Anais Nin is basically the earlier and literary sophisticated version of the notorious/infamous "50 Shades of Grey" series. I haven't read the Greys (I'd absolutely admit it if I would) but I have certainly been intrigued by the cult-status.
However, I tried to read parts of the Greys in a bookshop: The chapter I came across said something like

"Ana frowned...she looked up...then she frowned again".

(I don't consider frowning to be anything stimulating but for some people being sick of botox, it might be enticing to see a woman frown??  Or perhaps the ones into MILF's who like the wrinkles?)

I simply saw this as a sign that I shouldn't read the book based on the unstimulating part of that specific page I picked out randomly.

I gave the appeal and the controversy of the Greys some thought, and I figured that it wasn't the fact that alternative-bodyparts are being used. This is nothing new: Anais Nin has included descriptions of this in some of her works. Even though I'm not that well-known with literature to mention more,  I'm sure it will pop up somewhere as taboos always do well in these type of genres.

It is simply that the woman is submissive, and liking it!

I am not shocked by this idea women secretly liking to be dominated. I have seen The Secretary in 2003 and it has this theme

It's kinda similar: the naive and fragile Maggy Gyllenhaal will become the secretary of a lawyer who's more than just into having his letter typed corletctly correctly. Ironically, he's called Mr. Grey in the film as well: must be something up with that name.

*young souls...look away again or skip the video* 
(ok, this part is not that provocative)
I totally love her fashion over there: the pencil skirt and the pussy-bow blouse...so gorgeous.

I hope her boss is also offering her free physiotherapy massages afterwards because that cage-thing doesn't look too comfortable. 

To make a long story a bit shorter: I probably won't be seen with "50 Shades" in the train, only if I have this kinda provokative mood and will wag two fingers in the air and say "ohhh, feel like going into the book".  I think there are better genres out there in film and books, and I don't even know half of it because it's not the type of storyline that really interests me. The naive girl and the corruped-but-interesting man has been recycled since reading fairytales like 'Little Red riding Hood'. However, this might be the precise reason it appeals to lots of people, for being a familiar plot.

I prefer Anais Nin and I would even prefer to walk with an issue of the Karma Sutra if I wanted to be seen as a naughty, sensually grown-person person. (or I just bring out that whip again)

because I love my literature to be well written...
From A. Nin 'Delta of Venus'
Words can be powerful, either an incredible stimulation, or, a punishment when not reframed in the literary form I prefer. 

Anyway, who of you have been into romance novels when younger (or still is), or Jacky Collins (loved her when younger) or knows Anais Nin as well. Or who actually likes the "50 Shades" because it's such an easy read?


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  3. I have an immense amount of respect for you for not succumbing to the temptation of reading the 50 Shades trilogy. I wish I could say the same. I was curious about the cult status so I decided to give it a read. It's not a book, it's mental trash for bottom feeders. I cannot fathom how any woman in the world could be turned on by this crap. It not only gives women false hopes about love, but it's completely shallow. She's basically crazy about the guy because he's hot, because personality wise, he's a total psycho path who wants to control every ounce of her life, and she willingly lets him. It sends such a horrible message out to women. And this isn't the first erotic novel. There have been countless erotic novels with a similar concept. The only difference is, that this one in particular is written atrociously and goes on for about 2000 pages with absolutely no plot. Oh, and it didn't turn me on. Once. I remember writing a HUGE rant on facebook (it was much more eloquently written than this comment ha ha), and all hell broke lose!

    Anyway, you write pretty great :)


    1. I couldn't agree more and if I would write this on a academic level I would also have a more eloquent form of argumentations, but thank you for liking my writing: I try to put some form of humour in it so I can reach a larger audience.

      I think the popularity of this novel actually proves how feminism failed (or has been set aside for a while, hopefully to return) and I can see this in other spheres as well. As the erotic component it has a similar level as your average pornography (some studies also show that women get turned on by this) which is based on a sheer simplicity (IMO stupidity, but that's just my opinion) of a plot-less scene. I don't mind if people need simplicity in stimulating their mind as erotics work on a different level than mathematics (although some people get turned on my numbers...) but I only say that I was really surprised that this it THE thing that gets lots of people going whereas there are better reads out there. Perhaps simplicity of the society?

  4. Also, The Secretary is a GREAT film.