When talking to girlfriends there are a couple of opinions about vintage shopping: There's a team that really likes vintage, there are a couple who like it because it's quite the thing of the moment, and a part that really feels quite indifferent about it.

Let's talk about the cons:

No 1: Questionable pre-ownership
basketcase? Nope, just in a suitcase
(or, in Dutch..."toch maar de koffer ingedoken") 
Just like your last date, you really want to know why it has been disposed and where has it been? Items are being done away for various reasons: sometimes boredom, sometimes for having too many similars, sometimes because it reminds you of the ex or a lousy night out. Perhaps I'm a bit too native american-ideology (?) with the idea of pre-ownership sticking on my clothes, but that is often my personal reason why I prefer new over vintage.

part 2: vintage-itchiness...

 I'm often quick in vintage stores: I simply browse on type (dress/skirt/etc), then colour, and then I get my hands out and get touchy. I am no expert at all on fabrics but I wonder if the 1960s had a whole spectrum of fabrics that were really experimental, because....man...they itch!
No 3: One of the frequent complaints about vintage shopping is vintage-pong...
 "Can something be done about scent of this vintage ring"

It has discussed among my friends and I once read this blogger-article that pinpointed the scepticism I agreed upon.(article over here)

Really, the years that have seeped into the clothes: or just the moths and the mildew.

Whatever it is: you smell it, your friends do, and the people about an arm-lenght close to you too. It's brilliant when you are really beautiful and desirable and people are too touchy-close to you, however, most of us do not have this luxury and want to be attractive to people. Good scent works in this field! 

The thing is to check if the scent can be removed, or that you have a perminent cold, I'd prefer the first. So check the fabric or ask the salesperson if you can un-pong it.

 So, let's go to no 4: Faux vintage
The IVintage shop in Amsterdam: all types of vintage/novintage/deadstock
 As discussed earlier, vintage has gotten quite some hype and plenty of shops jumped into this opportunity. There are also words being used as "novintage" & "deadstock".  And sometimes your plain old H&M is being sold as vintage, but that one doesn't count.

Novintage is basically new, only with a vintagy twist to it. Deadstock is like me: kinda old but not really used... Deadstock can be great, unless there has been a whole factory filled with similar items and you will not be the original you wanted to be. However, it's not too likely that it will be with the pong as they are often boxed and never opened. As for novintage, similar. It's still not a unique piece, however, there's no vintage-pong either.

I summed up some cons but vintage isn't just popular without a reason. It is fun with a bit of free time and creativity, and you can look like an original without spending too much cash and your peers will love to know how nifty you were for scoring that ultimate piece they cannot have

In Holland, I think we have good vintage that isn't as expensive as the UK, where the vintage hype has had its effect on the price. I have some options listed here. Also, a good one is the mondaymorning market in Amsterdam at Noordermarkt: however, be there early because the models and hipsters are really early too (I love battling models: they are often thinner than I so I have more strength when we grab an item simultaniously. But sometimes they are hungry so they fight harder because they cannot eat and need some kind of fix: it depends. As for the hipsters: they're often smaller than me but I kinda respect them if they get it earlier)

Also, look in the richer areas of your country/neighbourhood, where the rich get rid of their beauties much earlier and they're priced much cheaper in that area.


  1. Nice blog dear. :)

    P.S. What do you think about following each other?


  2. sadly there are like 3 vintage stores where I live, I guess Mexico hasn't exactly jumped into the "vintage" train... still, I live just across the border with the US so I've been to vintage stores in LA, San Diego and San Fran.. these tips will definitely help me on my next purchase.
    I'm not a 100% fan of vintage shopping because I'm a bit picky when it comes to wearing something that someone else once did, I always imagine that person and question his or her hygiene ha.. anyway.. I've gotten pretty cool rings and bracelets..
    stay cool!

  3. great post!

  4. i generally prefer new over vintage, primarily because i am weird about germs. forever wondering what exactly these items have been through haha. but there are a few things that, at first sight, i couldn't pass up.

  5. I really like vintage, because it's so nice to have something unique. I enjoy a good browse! I've heard that the vintage shops in Holland are excellent, I have to visit one day. I get really annoyed when I see people selling 'vintage' things on ebay that I know for a fact are Primark! x


  6. Great post - I'd never really thought about different types of vintage etc, or the downsides. I'm a bit of a vintage addict and most of my clothes are either that or charity shop/ebay. I like being different and not owning the same high street pieces as everyone else.

    I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment to win a pair of Halloween themed designer tights if you're interested? 2nd blog post down!

    HANNAH †

  7. I like vintage clothes :)

  8. I think I like 'deadlock' vintage- old but not really used. In Canada, we have a discount retailer which sells designer (runway) clothes at 70% off because they have some sort of defects (i.e. broke zippers, rips, damages, etc) and they're usually many seasons old, but I love them (and the price tag that comes with it!). I think I was into 'pure' vintage a while back, but sometimes it makes you look so dowdy. Also, with the increase in the vintage trend, I find that vintage stores are also getting expensive. A lot of people are trying to sell current stuff off as vintage.

    Another great post :)