Versatile blogger

Surprisingly I have been awarded for a award by someone who knows me for a longer time on twitter. People who know me on twitter probably think I'm slightly delusional for the frequent flow of baloney I put on, and in a moment of sanity remove of it again...

Twitter is my cheapest psychotherapist for expressing my stream-of-conciousness: a real life therapist is 20 euros these days in the Netherlands so I confine to twitter to keep down the costs, so I can dwell into more superfluous materialism I display on this blog frequently.

The Award: the versatile blogger. I had to make up 7 questions and answer them myself.

Do you have any style influencers?-

I love the 50s moviestars as those women had feminine curves, just like I have. I am not so sure about contemporary actresses as they are frequently styled by a group of stylists that have some monopoly on style, however, I think Ms. Jolie is stubborn enough to stick to her own style so I will pick her.
But mostly I love seeing the styles by other bloggers as they are real-life women with real-life budgets and they still know what works for them and play with styles.
Nobody tells the Angelina to do standard dressing, or posing
Have you worn anything as of recently that made you feel exciting?

I do not get that bubbly feeling as I got when in my twenties, but I saved my first pair of Louboutins to wear in Paris for the first time after having them for two months. It really was magical to wear them.

Are you involved with someone/dating/engaged/married/divorced?

My ex proposed a couple of days ago and now we broke off again. Then he called me again. I think facebook calls this state "it's complicated".

Returning to fashion: Why this blog?

I often state I don't try to be fashion but try to maintain stylish and that is basically it. It's more a thing of having your chatty friends talking and showing each other what you wear, only on an international level. I cannot stick to fashion alone with this blog, because I adore travel, that explains the name. However, the earlier Vogue's often had this escapist way of photography, so fashion and travel have always been intertwined, hence I think it can be both. 

What age did you really become interested in fashion?

When I moved to the Caribbean at 17 years old and started reading the international (American) Vogues, Elles etc and then my interest in fashion started to boom. Also, I started going clubbing and everyone was always dressed to impress in the Caribbean whereas Holland was kinda tame during those days, for being "you are already crazy enough being normal". Even though my bestie and I had little money, we made our clothes and tried to wear something new every time we went dancing, based on the beautiful pictures of the American Vogues.
In Caribbean: acessorising the Doberman with a red hat
 I remember having to return to Holland when 20 and I wore these red strappy platform heels going out between people wearing lumberjack blouses and dodgy shoes: let's just say I was the odd one out. These days people are more fashionable and crazy high shoes are to be seen here these days.

What is your next step on this blog?

Blah, I'm not the type being into planning or talking about reinventions because life is as fickle as it comes. I think my organic spontaneity is a part I started this blog and I keep on doing that...Perhaps I get my booty into some clothes for photoshoots again. I might change the header in something more megalomania-egocentric cartoon of me myself and I. 

All right, enough free therapy for me on this blog for today. Let's nominate some other ones:

  • Matt from bucketsandspadesblog.com girlfriended bloke, lots of fun tech-y information and sometimes a outfit post when (probably) his girlfriend made him stand in front of the camera
  • Carmen from momentsofwoman.blogspot.com (every woman needs a room of her own, or a moment)
  • madeoftears-madeoftears.blogspot.com Teenage angst, a beautiful person & the emotionality of words combined in one blog (and I love the boldness of the name as crying can be healing)
  • ? from matterofstyle.blogspot.com I used to DIY a lot but these days I lack energy for it. I still love seeing other people being creative and I hope to be creative too soon.
  • ? from laceandtea.com I should have the age of a domestic goddess. Ehm not really, but I love to look at other peoples houses being impeccably interior-designed and hope one day I get a pre-designed house in one of those styles, and the necessary cleaner to keep it that way.

Oh, and the person who nominated me is the cherry-tastic Tali-who-almost-gets-married-in-a-white -DIY-leather-dress from Rockmyheels.com. Thanks gorgeous!


  1. Congratulations and thank you so much for the nomination, I will post this on my blog later x


  2. Hey there, congrats on this nice nomination/award, I think you deserve it and it's cool to know a little bit more about you, your inspiration and your style with these questions!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my moma post

    Hugs and have a nice week!

    Pablo from fungiexpress.com

  3. Congrats on this award! Nice answers!xxx

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