4 Standouts of 2012

I'm gonna be entirely unoriginal on this front and sum up some favourite moments of 2012:

1. Blogger Community

I sort of grew as a blogger: Quite unexpectedly. I gotten feed and comments on my blog and my outfit posts. My way of approaching fashionblogging in an original (read: weirder) way actually struck better than if I would have gone standard. And why would I go standard? After all: It's my Art.

Anyway, I'm among other (blogger)women these days and even though commenting on the really succesful bloggers who get more than a 100 comments per post, I still like to see their lives are going well, and how they dress accordingly to it! And the ones that are just as talented and have fewer comments are a brilliant read/outfit-check as well.


My name is still MlleWanderlust, although I wanna change it into MsWanderlust, less French and more age-including than mademoiselle (they basically hesitate between calling me Mademoiselle (miss) or Madame (misses) so I might leave that one out). But still Wanderlust because I love to travel...

My greatest travel discovery has been France (read/see pictures here). I'm not talking about Paris. Paris isn't France and I wanted to explore the real France a bit better: and I did. So cute knowing that whole Holland goes to France for years and I have skipped it for so long. It has been quite fun to visit some parts of it, but I consider it a difficult country too with habits that sometimes gotten lost in translation.

3. Company: Freja

I had been looking for an adoption cat since summer '12 and found him this autumn: LOVE at first sight! He grew from a docile cat into a really active, jumpy, affective and sometimes teasing fuzzball, and I love him the more of it.

4. Somewhat excessive Consumerism:

GOSH, I remember last year's post saying I'd discovered all designers and intended to spend less? NO WAY...too much cash flew out to Givenchy, Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Hermes.

I am not going to promise to spend less, because I might do the opposite again when I make such a promise. Just going to try to tone down and get lovingly with Topshop and the likes again. After all, I like the brands but I found out they are not the best thing ever. E.g. I sold my Givenchy Antigona after not loving it enough, which was the best anti-consumerist thing I did in 2012!

 Ps: What were your 4 highlights of 2012?


  1. Love your cat!!! It's too cute!!


  2. Wow! It's really remarkable standouts! Love them all! ;) And should say big THANK You for our amazing "Blog's friendship". I'm happy to follow your life and be here!♥

  3. Great post, I love the cat- so cute! My 4 highlights would be:
    -My exam results
    -Getting closer to family
    -Overcoming some bad stuff
    -Lots of new gifts at Christmas



  4. Great posts with the greatest moments!

    Hope you have a happy new year!

  5. great post , just love it ,
    the main high light of 2012 is being engaged with my boyfriend of 4 years , !!
    quiet a victory i say , LOL


  6. nice post ;-)
    well this year was quite difficult, so I want to look only in the future...
    wish u a Happy New Year :-)

    xxx Ros.e.

  7. Very interesting post, and I see why you are in love with your kitty, she's such a cute fur ball:) I would love to have a pet, but since I want a doggy and my hubby wants a kitten, we're waiting to be are settled to take both:)
    My highlights would be
    1. realizing that me and my best friend are actually in love
    2. move in with him
    3. marry him
    4. leave my job and start the process of becoming a full time blogger.

    Happy New Year!

  8. 1. Learning to tell those I love, I love you, more often. 2. Going without make-up at least one per week. 3. Learning to cook healthy vegetarian food. 4. Learning to live my life for myself and not care what others think!

    These are my top four this past year!

    _Lauren at adorn la femme

  9. hands down amazing

  10. Great highlights of the year. I especially love your adorable kitty!! One of my highlights of this year was definitely seeing my brother who lives in another country!


  11. lovely cat :)