Time is on our Side

Suede Coat: Pepe Jeans (similar here, cute vintage in burgundy here, really expensive one here )][ Scarf: Missioni (in pink here) ][ Skirt: COS (worn before here) ][ Booties: Topshop ][ Gloves: Bijenkorf (similar) ][ Scarf head: Vintage ][ Bag: Michelle Franz

I seem to wear a lot of leather and some faux-leathers during winter, not just this one. Only I tend not to go for the on-trend gothic-or-dominatrix black but with the more Bohemian browns. Or, they are not really Bohemian but that's how I wear them. Perhaps a good suede coat has that Bohemian vibe going on, kinda 1970s Mick Jagger's girlfriends. There were those glamour pusses such as Bianca Jagger & Jerry Hall (also Carla Bruni did some nookie with him according rumours before Sarkosy-ing up). However, I love Marianne Faithful looks...

Haven't we seen fur-coats around?? Marianne Faithfull being the original, more info here
Pepe Jeans (the coat I'm wearing) actually has Edie Campbell as their recent face who really has this Faithfull idea going on.

Something cool about having a fringe/bangs as well: I wish I had a longer forehead for those.

And sorry about my poopy quality of photos: I have this ongoing disfunctional email relation with the Canon Helpservice with the sole-and-only purpose getting it fixed or a new one. It has already been send back to me with the same defect as before, only 2 MONTHS later! I think I will try to buy a non-Canon camera soon, so I'd love to here what kind of cameras everyone uses and why it works for them! 

(Title inspired by Rolling Stones song listen *here*)


  1. I love furs and fringes!!

    Just in case you don't wanna miss the amazing Firmoo giveaway!

  2. Nice outfit, love the whole combo: coat, scarf and those amazing gloves!

    Keep that way! :)