Bjorg has become one of those brands who've been featured in a zillion magazines (eg). That didn't do it for me in the first place. It's their reference to the cruelty of nature, dualistic symbolism and having something that looks sophisticated in the first place but with a stronger meaning.

My "After Eden" single Spine:

Example: their promo picture above: "Blonde shielding Brunette's vision"

Ofcourse, two stunning girls in impeccable makeup. But why the blonde one does not want her brunette friend to see...? Is she protecting the innocent one? Who is actually innocent and who isnt?

That image feels so much like a mother-child role. The whiteness of the dress might suggest some kind of baptising or a religious cult too.
(makes me think that many men would join a cult if all women were like that, right?)
love her smokey eyemakeup & the spine-cuffs

Anyway, I'm being philosophical in early January: I gotten myself another pretty/fierce rosegold ring because I'm quite poor in the ring-department.

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  1. beautiful jewellery there, thanks for sharing those epic photos! we do want to also wish you a very happy new year <3

    love from the NANA girls xoxo