Cuba has been really high on my traveller's wishlist since I was really young: my curiosity towards a stubborn country against the odds and such a world-power as a neighbour (the US) spoke to my imagination.

 So why now after all this time? Cheap travel opportunity by probably the same capitalist structure older Cuba would frown upon, however, I took my opportunity and visited it for a reasonable price.

Havana was beautiful but also slightly polluted, and, when not seen through tourists eyes, sometimes melancholic too. This picture has been taken at Havana harbour and I wear an older H&M maxidress, a newer Chloe Marcie bag in poppy (here) and some Ancient Greek Sandals (here), and...ofcourse, my Balanciaga bracelet. My sunnies were a dead-ringer for Miu Miu, only copycatted by ASOS (here).

The animated effect is one of the features of my Nikon D5100. I still have to play with it to get more expertise on the field of photography: I prefer to be behind the lens than before it, though.


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    1. hehe, don't be, you are an Italian living in Italy...that sounds as bliss to me because you have one of the best countries in the world around you all the time ♥

  2. Isn't traveling amazing? A great way to grasp life


  3. Enjoy Cuba, I would so love to go back !

  4. first time i'm on your blog & really like it. nice!