Summer 2012
Sormiou has been one of the Calangues around Marseille I visited this summer: gorgeous, reminding me of the French Caribbean with the kaleidoscope of turquoise hues of the sea.

It was quite difficult to get access to this little bay. French people will say "Pfff, it'zz not difficulte" when they know some English, or a stream of words I haven't gotten in my highschool French classes. But when they say that you bet it's going to be impossibly difficult!

My first time I blagged myself in: you have to reserve for the restaurant in Haute French to be let in by a sternlooking, goateed monsieur standing like a Royal Army defender by the gate. Somehow I managed to get accross that I would go to the restaurant and they let me in...

And then....BLISS by ocean water surrounded beautiful Elite French people

(yeh, I kinda miss this part of summer, so what do you miss?)


  1. Wow, I didn't know too much about this place, thanks for sharing this lovely and amazing picture: looks like a dream! Want to be in that paradise someday!

  2. really would love to be there right now...


  3. Impressive story and memories! Perfectly understand what do you mean by beautiful Elite French people. It's in their blood - they already born with silver spoon.

  4. this makes me long for summer! x

  5. Ay!!!! que ganas de que llegue el verano!!!
    muchos besos

  6. i want to be there right now *.* beautiful view <3