10 things about Love...

Mmm, I haven't written any substantial articles lately so I will bug be romantic today and write something about love.

  1. The one: a difficult concept-- on the one hand the multiple dosage of Romcoms & single online dating advertisement torture us into thinking that we are flawed if we haven't found the one. Even tedious books like "50 Shades" believe that the bad dude can be converted into "the one". So do you believe, or not?
  2. Jealousy: that's the effect of no 1. Actually, it isn't! I have discovered that the most emotionally, screwed-up psychologically challenging players have the ability to be jealous: I wonder if they feel this about all of the 10 women they are playing out. Bisexuality or homosexuality isn't a guaranty for unjealousness either (just try to find two of them quarrelling over jealousy issues and you'll know...")
  3. Insecurity: connected to no. 2. Even though the beginning of infatuation makes you believe that your new partner thinks you are as close to perfection as an angel...reality will strike and both of you are probably human and have flaws. Unless one of you really is an angel and you have different things to work out.
  4. Confirmation: both of you have seen and accepted the flaws and still think you are quite good off with each other.
  5. Cookies: In Holland there was a song once which had the intellectual message of "are you turned on or do you want a cookie?"(choice: sex or food?). Libidos might fall and cookies might become more tempting when the relationship progresses. I will absolutely not disgress into Cosmo territory telling people to "make relationships more fun/exiting and buy lingerie/other toys. People have personal likes/dislikes and S&M might be someones cup-of-tea and another's ticket-to-boredom. So I have no advise on this subject, only that I crave lots of cookies lately. Cake/pie works too.
  6. Ryan Gosling: I don't get it...his lips are so thin and he looks so standard. Can someone explain?
  7. Visualising voodoo: let's call it the "visualising technique". Ok, now undo that spell!
  8. Good looks: heavy-duty fashionbloggers know this is the key to love, or good sex. (it really is? I just have some cookies if you'd like so tell me about it)
  9. Gifts: "What a lousy Valentines-gift he got me: now what do I have to say/show to the people who read my blog??"
  10. Shopping: hedonistic self-love if the gift he gave you was a fail. Or cookies.
By the way, I am not a bitter hag in the field of love. I think I have a boyfriend and I bake cookies for him too. I take care about my looks, only to hear that I look like a plastic fantastic doll if I wear too much makeup and when I wear none he thinks I'm sick: Love is complicated! I don't think I want to get married, but I'd love wearing a wedding dress and that's as romantic as it's gonna get with me today ;P

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