Vanity photobooth faces

So, am I the only one making weird faces in the mirror while I'm at my vanity feminitity routines?

top left: smoking the eyeliner? I do not think so.
top right: My previous boyfriends feared my teeth...I wonder why?
bottom left: tonging tonging the redhead into perfection
bottom right: Coy face after the hair-eyeliner-etcetcetc

Also, I tried the "white-wall-fashionblogger" thingy and it failed miserably:
graffiti tights & white wall? Meh, graffiti wall & white tights suits me better
left: could I look any snobbier? yes, I actually can.
right: could I look any moodier? Yes, I actually can.  
It works on others, but I need locations to make my outfits come alive...

Ps: I've been quite absent on a personal level on this blog. I'm not sure if I will continue, or start up a new blog where I can "be myself" a bit more. Or can I be myself on this blog? (<-not a retorical question)


  1. I think you could be more yourself here too! You look so nice in the first collage!


  2. The first collage is so cute!