The Curious Case of Dropping Bottoms

[P is for....PROMOTION]

Cosmic Love? Not that much for the twin moons
I have lost my Romwe virginity recently, and perhaps like the real thing, it sounded so much better by word than it actually was.

Don't get me wrong: it was fun and definitely not traumatic. I had some designer labels that had a similar effect on me and that costed me an arm... and the leg is still attached.

Romwe gets a lot of promotion among fashionbloggers. I am not easily drawn into any hype but I gotten curious by the tons of positive reviews. However, my shopping story is probably less promotive than on most blogger's site,  so the [P is for....PROMOTION] was the P that lured me into buying from them.

I got the ultimate key-item from them: the quirky legging

For exercise...I thought they would work out (get the pun?)

Ok, do not visualise this but running with these babies had the Rihanna effect!
[showing inappropriate booty] (in my case unintentional)

They sagged off...I have no trouble with this when wearing my Calzodini leggings:
Calzedoni Italian leggings: 10 euros cheaper and they stay appropriate!

Solution: Da Unitard
Ok, the last time I wore a set like that was sweet 18 so I would not go to Zumba without a larger t-shirt floating over it. Or perhaps if I lived in a larger city like Rotterdam, that would be normal. Or perhaps they are already used to my colourful workout sets.

Have you had a shopping experience of something that was hyped all over, but you felt dissapointed about it?


  1. Nice pictures :)


  2. so cool!
    Kisses, Denis.


  3. Yepp, recently I had a case with ACNE t-shirt. Great item, but bad fit for curvy girl :)

    1. yes, Acne has some odd shapes too. These fit brilliantly at the calves but are too roomy on top :)

  4. I would like to see Romwe leggings on a personal style post!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    1. hehe, when they stay on but they do when I just walk around. Ok, if I get the photos right I might (but no promises)