Destination Sunny: Ibiza

Less bikinis and more sequins. More is definitely more on Ibiza. 

You will be needing your Sin Tshirt to spell it out! The A-morir Shades to give some extra blinding against the oh so brutal sun after a night of party. The sequins bumbag is to get extra kitch, because Kitch is the new Chic. And you could not be bothered with holding any purse so at least the money/keys/lipstick were strapped against your body.

Superbright Lipstick? Nars Schiap is there! A bodycon, sequinned, multicoloured dress because Ibiza is no place for wallflowers. A couple of sequinned harems, because they are called Pacha already so you might get a discount on that superexpensive entry ticket. 
Ah sun? Right...Good you packed your Running Horses Bikini. You only wear espadrilles when they have Kate's face on it! Gianvito Rossi hologram shoes because they are chic enough for a fancier dinner and perfect for clubbing too...

Ps: What destination are you really visiting this year?


  1. We should go to Ibiza as soon as possible, looks like an amazing place. By the way, I like your options for this topic, especially those barroque glasses!!

  2. Nice selection
    i adore the sunnies!


    Coline ♡

  3. Super glam! Love pants and shoes!

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