Fashion Fatigue

Short story: I'm slightly bored of being a fashion-orientated blogger

Longer story:
When I started this blog I wanted it to be multidimensional and travel orientated with a stylish undertone. Shortly, my blogtitle and header sums it up: being the hummingbird that spreads out creativity from other blogs, and digesting some of her own.

I was really hesitant about posting images myself online. I know it can become addictive for some fashionbloggers, but it never was in my case. When younger, I suffered from insecurity and had a period of having an eating disorder due to that. Posting my images online and the projection of being thin and glamourous made me question if I needed to be thin again. A woman like me who has a curvacious build, that is not always the best option. Nevertheless, it rekindled into not-so-good eating habits that I had to correct again.

I am being a 30+ blogger and I was surprised insecurity about my body image would hit me again. But it did, and I decided to step back from posting images from myself. Instead, my frequent display of fashionsets to keep the regular readers entertained and posted upon fun deals and lovely combinations.

In contrast to this, I have become more proud of who I am and how my body looks like thanks to images of Beyonce in advertisements and other women who show that curves can be beautiful. I like my last images: I know I have a good porportion of glutes (bum) around and that makes me feminine instead. If you noticed: I never do back-shots because I feel that it looks better in real life than on camera. That is not about being insecure but about knowing what pose suits me better. Moreover, I do not like the "great post" comments that have an undertone of mockery underneath...being "great". I am not being a "great" and my body has a good BMI rate: neither being skinny nor overweight.

Basically, women like Chiara (the blonde Salad) were models in the past and have become famous by blogging afterwards. They are used and trained to be skinny and skinniness is not always an easy task to maintain. Remember, if you read Chiara's "about me" she states that she's a student in the first place: priorities! Modelling or fashionblogging is interesting for a while, but the future is not always secure based upon our looks and the way we dress. Fame is something that can strike suddenly, but dwindle again if yet another new-and-happening face/body/fashionwearer turns up!

I know that some women can get addicted to the amount of comments they will get and will try to keep the rate high or get higher. I often had the opposite of feeling slightly embarrased by a photo of me and posted something new after it quite quickly. Even though the comments were often really lovely.

But fashiontired: yes! I feel I'm exhausted of images to post up or things to say on this blog. I'm thinking about becoming more passive and start to post when I feel connected to this space again. However, the blog has taught me a lot and I suspect there are more women out there that feel the extra pressure of being thin because they are fashionbloggers. The camera can be brutal even if photoshop can be sweet (still: try to put yourself into the skinnytool and not having your face wrinkled up vertically...then the ageism will kick in instead of the fat-ism).

However, it has also been about communication! I think that 'talking' by images and style has been a way to connect to other blogger women and some men. Sometimes it has been funny to see that "great minds think alike" when you notice you had a similar style as another blogger for that day. So it has been positive as well.


  1. Great post! I also think like You that talking by photos is great way to connect with other bloggers :)

  2. Love your post, you are beautiful just the way you are, don't let your insecurities affect your whole being, always think positive :)



    1. ok you fashion-idiot!...could you please read before you make such idiotic comments???

  4. I think that each of us must do what he/she want and being what he/she is. Fashion bloggers are not models to me, or maybe they haven't to be so. Seeing your pics I never thought you aren't enough thin to post'em, you're beautiful, never forget it! If you feel happier without posting'em, keep on speak about fashion and we'll all appreciate your job, but I hope you'll feel better!
    p.s: I hope I didn't make too mistakes writing this comment! :)

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    1. thanks babe, you are one of the few fashionpeople with a heart...

  5. I've never been a fan of posting my own photos either although I do it because I know people like to look at photos, but then I try to do something creative with them to satisfy myself. But I hate the pressure, it's ridiculous how something so superficial as looks got so important. But I agree with you - post whenever you feel like posting, forcing yourself into anything is never good. Who knows, maybe a small break will lead to a burst of creativity.;)

  6. I can really relate to what you are saying. I've been blogging for three years now and I definitely do feel pressure to always do more, be more. I always feel like I'm falling behind other bloggers who are doing "much better" or that are skinnier, or prettier. They way I deal with it now is reminding myself that my blog is a HOBBY, yes it is a hobby that I do all the time and it is a big part of my life, but a hobby nonetheless. I have other priorities in my life like my family, friends, boyfriend, and job and I can't let my hobby blog get in the way of that. When I look at it that way, I don't feel as much pressure with my blog and I do it just for fun.

    I think its great that you are taking a break, it will definitely help you feel more creative. I wish you the best!


  7. Darn, I was about to write "A-MA-ZING SHIRT" and now I can't (I really like the shirt though... It's so me ! Always tired !)
    Anyway, I feel you and I was really thinking about writing something similar.
    I think maybe it's also our age, we're not JUST about fashion and appearance, and we feel the need to contribute to something bigger (well at least I do). I'm still looking for the right formula and it takes more time than I thought. Also, it's weird for me to see some people (maybe it's a french thing ?) think that I like to post pictures of me because I think I'm beautiful. That's so freaking hilarious. If they only knew what goes through my head as an excuse to NOT take pictures of me, but it's also nicer for my readers to "identify " me... Please don't stop posting, even if you change the subject of your blog... I like your post !

  8. Thank you so much for your comment :)
    I just LOVE your post! And, I really think that you are thin and very pretty, moreover women with curves are beautiful! :)