Shoe-Siren or Bag-Babe?

* bagging = dating according to Urbandictionary definition 3

I am not sure if the binary had been drawn in Sex & the City or by other female oracles, but fashionable girls either seem to prefer one over the other...or, are you more into shoes or bags?

Funnily, I found out that it is not just girls among each other who make this distinction. To the hilarious feed I dispose at my twitter followers, and the ones who get to my hashtags (sounds a bit naughty, right, "getting to your #hashtags), they know I'm single these days. Dating or mingling among men can be totally #hilarious, or #frustrating when one is like "you're too smart for me" and I should have behaved like the ditsy Dutch blonde he was expecting me to be: #lame #excuse. You cannot put too on Facebook if they are still (should I defriend them or not?) Friends.

Anyway, one of the guys I was communicating with was so friendly to stereotype me as the girl who "loves shoes". I, a-fashionfan-who sometimes-tries-to look-cool-(aka Tomboy)-among-men, was slightly insulted because:
1. I LOVE bags
2. I like shoes

I hesitated defining the difference among this clueless specimen of the other sex, but I think the blog is a better forum for this, right girls?

Anyway, there are women (and some men) who are equally into both and having a bi-symmetrical interest in this, or they just love luxury so much and bring in some sunnies too. I personally prefer bags over shoes because most bags have the quality to:

1. always be comfortable (unless too tiny or too big)
2. don't cause bunions
3. travel mate to carry your belovings
4.  I love fondling with them when slightly insecure or nervous
5. no explanation, I just love them!

But, I'd like to know your preference: Bags, Shoes or Both?


  1. Ha, funny blog post! I love bags, but I can never have enough shoes! I just love shoes way too much, lol!

    laviedetaylor.blogspot.com // Shop My Closet

  2. Definitely I'm into shoes! It's love forever - with every new pair I say it's the last one, but never keep the promise :)