Indian Summer Yellows

 Clutch: & Other Stories [similar]| Leather Bracelet: Balenciaga (curry) | bracelets right: Redline & Mulberry | Trousers: Zara | Cashmere top: Duffy (also cute) | Belt: primark | Shoes: London Soles | Sunglasses: & Other Stories

Slowly I'm saying goodbye to the summer in terms of fashion: the in betweens of sweaters-with-short-sleeves, the white trousers, and some colours that are still summery bright.

Also, I have slightly newish hair. The beach-blonde has been updated in some close-to-my-own coppery hues that are more suitable for autumn.  So all about colours, right?


  1. Your hair indeed looks gorgeous... xx

  2. Oh my gosh, you look like a fairy tale character, really!

    Yellow creates a perfect match with the color or your hair

    By the way, I've heard something about the brand "& Other Stories" I think its a good proposal, but we don't have it in America


  3. Really gorgeous hair colour! Love the alluring expression of your look. And by the way you perfectly did a yellow outfit (it have never worked for myself)! :)

    1. Thanks Lauryna, I wanted a confronting gaze for ph 1 and glad you noticed : D